UX Design

CMS News Post Cleanup

Users: Readers of Industry Dive’s publication sites.
Problem: Readers needed to understand industry trends to better do their job and lacked a destination to get that information.
Stakeholders: The editorial team was spending a lot of time on-boarding new team members to navigate the article publishing process.

Audit 57 fields
After sitting in on an on-boarding session with a new member of the editorial team, myself and members of the tech team decided it was time to address some decisions made before a UX Discovery process was established.

A working group formed and audited all fields on the main news post editors use to edit and publish stories.

Design principles guided a clean up of the news post in the publication site's content management system.

To reduce the need for knowledge in the head, labels were updated to clearly signal the purpose of each field. Among other labels, “Imagemodel,” a technical term, was updated to “Image library.” “External links” was updated to “Recommended Reading,” which is how editors refer internally and externally to the section it edits.

Reduce noise
Removing unused fields reduces UI clutter and increases discoverability. Many unused fields were removed to help editors find what they’re looking for more quickly.

By increasing the proximity of related fields, editors could more easily access them when performing a specific task. Sponsored fields were part of the main news post, but were not used by editors. The fields were pulled out of the main news post and grouped in their own section.

The fields in the CMS did not reflect editors’ mental model of how they rendered on the article page. Recommended Reading is used as a sign off on article briefs. In the CMS, Recommended Reading appeared above the main content of articles.

unused fields deleted

fields remapped

fields regrouped

fields relabeled