Newsletter Branding

Product Descriptions:
There are three primary newsletter offerings.
  • Daily newsletter: A daily high-level view of the industry to help execs stay up-to-date with top news and trends.
  • Topic-based newsletter: Top stories and the latest trends related to a specific topic in the industry.
  • Weekender: A roundup of the week’s most popular industry news. (Stories repeated from newsletters during the week.)
Stakeholders: The audience growth and editorial teams
Users: Readers who subscribe to the publication sites’ newsletters.
Problem: Readers were confused which newsletters they were subscribed to and believed they were getting repeat content.
The publication newsletter design failed to clearly signal each product's value.
A competitive analysis revealed themes to better communicate each offering.
  1. Purpose
    Why the newsletter is valuable
  2. Content
    What the newsletter covers
  3. Frequency
    How often the newsletter is sent
  4. Setting
    When the newsletter is sent
Rebranding the newsletters was a collaborative, cross-functional team effort.
Workshop: Name that Newsletter
  • Goal: Generate ideas and create stakeholder buy-in for new newsletter names.
  • Activity: 9 stakeholders participated in Brain Writing while Baby Einstein played. Brain Writing encourages participants who otherwise wouldn’t share ideas to contribute. Participants then discussed and voted.
  • Outcome: Consensus on names for the main newsletter product offerings
  • Daily newsletter: Daily Dive
  • Topic-based newsletter: [Topic] [Frequency] (e.g. Talent Weekly)
  • Weekender: Weekender (topic-based weekender: [Topic] Weekender)
Design decisions made in the mockups phase called back to the initial problem.

A challenge of the project was ensuring subscribers who were subscribed to more than one publication knew the publication they were receiving their Daily Dive from.

The logo was given prominent positioning and a description was also used to highlight the newsletter's audience.

The topic-based newsletter rebranding gave visual priority to the topic of the newsletter, as the topic was the subscriber's primary motivation for being subscribed. Dive Red draws the reader's eye to the topic.

An image worked to further visually differentiate the content of the newsletter from the Daily Dive sent earlier in the day.

Feedback from readers indicated they didn’t understand why they were receiving newsletters with “old content.”

Prominently displaying the new name with a design that directly opposed the Daily Dive indicates a clear difference between the newsletters. A descriptions explains the content is “a roundup of the week's most read news.”

All daily newsletters have a Weekender, so readers subscribed to a topic-based newsletter that has a daily frequency also receive a Weekender related to the topic.

The design for the Weekender aligned visually with the topic-based newsletter, calling out the topic and anchoring the top with a traditional nav bar.

Impact: The publication sites now had newsletter products with their own identifiable names. Readers and clients can better differentiate between newsletter products, reducing reader frustration and subscriber churn.